Mary Lorson

performer, composer, writer



  • Miscellany

    I've written arts features, obituaries, short stories, press releases, elegies, unfinished novels, short plays, essays, grocery lists, and more. Read a sample at

Writer John Robert Lennon invited me to weigh in on the mindset behind being a writer and a musician in this piece:

  • Stage Plays/Performances

    1988: "Challenging Disaster" 1988, performed at the University of Massachusetts Summer Theater Institute. 2010: "Cyclonic" - music, dance, film, and dramatic readings from my research and writing on Eva Tanguay - at Cornell Cinema 2016: "Signals" - musical memoir, at Besant Lodge and Avery Schreiber Playhouse in LA; at Cornell Cinema, Cinemapolis, and The Kitchen Theatre in Ithaca, New York 2018: The One Minute Play Festival: Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca, New York

  • Original Film/TV Scripts

    Features: "The Man in the Moon," "Real Close, Not Touching," "Hawks and Doves," "Freak Baby and the Kill Thought."

Teleplay: 2016: "Old School"

Short: 2000: "One Eight Hundred"