Mary Lorson

performer, composer, writer



  • "Themes From Whatever"

    In November 2017, I released my 11th album, "Themes From Whatever," a collection of tunes imagining myriad situations. It's a concept. And a bunch of songs. And possibly a short story collection. Your opinions welcome.

  • "Rolling Thunder" - short film. This musical documentary film portrays one central piece from my performance memoir, "Signals." Completion: Summer 2018, hopefully.

  • "waywordsandmeansigns" - - Website

    Contributing composer. This project invites writers and musicians to score a chapter of James Joyce's wellnight-inscrutable tome Finnegans Wake. Novelist Brian Hall and I provided the "Washerwomen at the Liffey" chapter. Hear it at

  • "Signals"

    A multimedia performance memoir with music. Revisit the 60's and 70's through the eyes of one particularly restless family. Think "The Moth" meets your record collection...or "This American Life" meets indie rock...or Laurie Anderson meets Spalding Gray get the picture. You don't? Then come see it, please, and tell me what you think. Sometime soon, at a small theater near you. Or your living room. Call me.

  • "RE: Thinking"

    2016: I created the original score for this documentary, produced by the award-winning Photosynthesis Productions, exploring the kind of teaching and learning that can set children's lives in the right directions.

  • "Freak Baby and the Kill Thought"

    Eva Tanguay lived from 1878 to 1947. She toured for 40 years, never lied about her age, made and lost millions, and beat Madonna to the plate labeled "First Female Rock Star." She wore crazy costumes my great-grandmother helped her make. My original screenplay (and hybrid adapted/original musical score for it) centers on a year at the core of Tanguay's meteoric vaudeville career, during which my great-grandmother was in the star's employ. Single women on the road: one with fame and power, the other with four kids to support--their contrasting relationships with men, motherhood, and money drive the tale. I am actively seeking production partners for this project.

  • "Old School" - - Television series

    Creator and Writer. This original series centers on Daisy Hoffman, an adrenalin junkie who's fired from the PeaceCorps for guerrilla PETA activity. With Sallie Mae on her tail, she lands in Reagan-era post-punk Boston and finds herself teaching English at a family-run private school, secretly pursuing animal-rights missions...

  • "The Chanticleer" - Television series, directed by Becky Lane.

    Composer. This television series is set in an upstate New York tavern called The Chanticleer, circa 1955. A young woman returns to her hometown after the death of her father. Taking over the family business, a local institution of a bar, our heroine discovers that interesting things have been going on... For more info, see